get in the game

Pensacola State College has a long, rich history and holds a place in the hearts of the Pensacola Community. Impactful alumni have brought progressive change, not only to our local area but our nation. Student-athletes have carved out their place in history, but their impact could be even greater. A new era of Pirate is emerging, and a new frontier of sports is on the horizon. Growth is inevitable.

PSC Athletics has achieved greatness and is on track to become even greater. A new academic success center will launch the program to new heights of excellence as PSC remains at the top of competing colleges. Elevating athletics to match what PSC does academically with its student-athletes has been long overdue. Pensacola State will be every recruit’s dream with a state-of-the-art training facility. The addition of esports and women’s soccer will not only boost enrollment, but each will bring a new audience to Pensacola State’s front door.

Building upon the traditions of existing sports programs, making strides towards a stronger, healthier student-athlete, and continuing to keep education at the forefront are all priorities in the newest endeavor at Pensacola State College.

Success starts with a plan.